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A Treehouse for The Phila Area 21+ Crowd

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Justice League seeks new Hero/teammate. May. 3rd, 2007 @ 12:41 pm
Name: Drew
Gender: boy-type
Age: 29
Hair Color: dark blond (long and extremely curly, like shirley temple ringlets)
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Average, losing weight
Drinker: Occasionally
Smoker: no
Marital Status: Single

The deal:
I share a long-term cooperative living situation with some assumed family; there's three of us as the primary power group in this household. My co-conspirators are a married poly nonreligious interracial couple; the three of us would love for someone to fill both my need for a partner and our group need for an additional superhero. (we've currently got enough sidekicks, although we can certainly keep sidekick applications on file.) We currently live in the Philly suburbs, although we've been looking into getting a large piece of land in central Jersey, to build on. Eventual group size will probably be in the 8-12 range.

I'm extremely whimsical. I often wear a top hat. Usually, i do not capitalize the self-referring pronoun "i" unless it's at the beginning of a sentence.

Based on my love of shiny!things, i must have been a magpie in another life.

I'm extremely blunt (yet tactful), and very forward/open with how i feel about things. If there's something i need to say, i'll say it. I don't believe in lying. Honesty is much more effective than passive-aggressive games ever will be. Also, Life(TM) is too short for meaningless drama.

I can usually tell what my friends are feeling, just by reading their body language.

I'm also a born storyteller, do all the engineering and repairs for the commune, and occasionally play the part of the Wolf (from Pulp Fiction) when shit hits the fan. So pretty please with cherries on top, clean the fucking car.

Urban exploration, photography, model railroading, anime, road trips, conventions, electronics, flea markets, glamourbombing.

Superhero, 18-35, employed (preferably), intelligent, kinky (hopefully?), honest with yourself, willing to work out issues in a reasonable fashion, and respectful of everyone's boundaries. Dorks, geeks, and nerds invited to reply. Plans for galactic conquest a plus. (Prefer female, but m/t/other are welcome too.)

Mark Mothersbaugh's Postcard Diaries and my clothing in Bambi Boutique Apr. 6th, 2007 @ 02:12 am

Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo, has also scored all of the Wes Anderson films (Life Aquatic, Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums. Not only that but he has done the music for RUGRATS!, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Come see his postcard diaries at Bambi Boutique and Gallery in Fishtown! Shameless self promotion: I'll be there and so will my shirts, come check them out! The opening reception is at 6pm and it goes until 10pm
Bambi Boutique is located at 1817 Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia, PA 19125 (in Fishtown if you are familiar with Philadelphia)
Hope some of you can make it!

Live film soundtrack this Sunday (for fans of film, experimental music, classical, rock) Jan. 23rd, 2007 @ 03:26 pm
Hey everyone

This Sunday afternoon on the UPenn campus, there will be a really neat screening of a silent film with a live improvised soundtrack performed by Relache. I've taken the liberty of copy/pasting the info on it below, as I think some of you might be interested in coming out to see it.

Sun. 1/28/07 3:00PM @ International House
3701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia

......Buster Keaton's THE GENERAL: a new live score by Relache
......Randall Woolf's "Bring Your Own Dancer"

Considered by critics as one of the greatest comedies of all time, The General (1927) is Buster Keaton's fast-paced tour de force. Pitted between the love for his locomotive and his sweetheart, Johnnie embarks on the craziest train ride in film.

Philadelphia's contemporary music gurus, Relache, will test their mettle as they perform a self-composed score full of the daring improvisation that put them on the map. Paired with Randall Woolf's kinetic "Bring Your Own Dancer," this multisensory extravaganza is sure to be a highlight of the 06/07 season.

Special student rates available. Call 215-569-9700 or visit www.relache.org for more info.

See you there!
Current Music: Aphex Twin

Hi every1 !!! Apr. 13th, 2006 @ 06:18 am
I am 4eigner. N now Im studyin @ Upenn.
So, actually I would be glad 2 meet sm1 new, here, at this area ;)

hi! Feb. 13th, 2006 @ 07:52 pm
hi everyone. my husband and i moved to delco in 2004, and in that time haven't really gotten to meet a lot of people. part of the problem is that i'm realizing how different it is meeting people and making friends once you're not in school, and when you don't hang out with your coworkers. i joined a bookgroup in media that i enjoy and have met some people through it, but otherwise we keep mostly to ourselves.

1. Name (as much as you are willing to share) jess

2. How did you find out about this community? the profile of a member of one of my other groups

3. How long have you been on LJ? since mid-2001

4. Where in the Phila area do you come from? i'm in clifton heights, delco. i moved here a year ago from auburn, alabama where i went to college (my dad was military, so we moved all over)

5. What do you do for a living? Or what would you like to be doing? i'm an admin assistant in newtown square. i'm hoping to go to villanova next year for a masters degree, and eventually teach at the university level

6. Do you have any pets? no... can't have any in my apartment

7. Tell us about a hobby you have. reading, sewing, hanging out with my husband. i like to explore - it's why we moved to philly, to see a new city for a couple years.

8. Tell us about a hobby or two you'd like to have with more time/money. i'd like to go to some more festivals, when the funds and time allow. my husband and i drove from alabama to maine in 2003 for phish's 'it', and we'll be going to the all good festival this year in wv. we try to make it to at least one each summer (save last year, cuz of the wedding), but i'd love to be able to go to more.

9. Tell us one thing that you realize you do too much (besides post on LJ). i spend an absurd amount of time on thenest.com as well. lately i've spent a lot of time playing video games.

10. Name a spot you like to hang out in the Phila area. fabric row. i did say that i like to sew!

11. If you are into sports, which and also which teams do you follow? just college football. the auburn tigers had a crappy 2005, but were the #2 team in the country the year before, and i have high hopes for 2006!
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» (No Subject)
I have started a movie club in the Delaware County area, we are going to meet up in the Baltimore Pike area this Sunday, around 1 PM. Email me if you are local and/or interested at jessi_cat3@yahoo.com.
We have a small group thus far, but there is a lot of interest in it, so I hope there will be even more soon!

We are going to discuss our feelings about the "best movie of 2005" for our 1st meeting and also bring names of 3 movies we'd be interested in watching with the club.

If you want to know about my movie interests, I like independent films like Run, Lola, Run, blockbusters like Terminator 2, period pieces like Sense and Sensibility, and provoking movies like Munich, like laughing to Mallrats and Clerks, love most of Tarantino's work and Rodriguez's work, and I completely obsess over the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have a lot of interests, and can never seen enough movies, so if your interests are different than mine, its all good.
» (No Subject)
Hey Guys!!

Anyone who is 21+ and not sure what to do this evening. SAT DEC. 3rd. You should come on out to see my band play it's debut show at the RED STALLION in WARMINSTER, PA.

We are Alight... a band comprised of 3 syblings from Jamison, PA.
christian Armstrong-vocals
shannon Armstrong-piano
katie ARmstrong-bass guitar

and 3 ex-memebers of a band whom had a huge cult following-- SHUN from Nashville, TN.
Richie Glover-guitar
Crys Hawkins-guitar
David Crutcher-Drums


This will be our first show & we may not play out for a bit after this-- in hopes to be focusing on recording.

We would LOVE to see you out.

It's RICHIE GLOVER's(guitar) BIRTHDAY --- so come on out and enjoy the fantastic festivities!! Bring your friends and Family!

Where: The Red Stallion WARMINSTER, PA ( on county Line Rd.) 263(YORK RD.) South( make LEFT on County Line. It's about 20 seconds down County Line rd & will be on YOUR LEFT!!!


TIME: 9:00 pm

Cover: $5

21+ show.


With the most love,
katie, david, richie, shannon, crys & christian
» (No Subject)
1. Name (as much as you are willing to share) Angie

2. How did you find out about this community? Had "Old City" as an interest, and clicked to see who else was interested.

3. How long have you been on LJ? looks like one year ago this month i joined

4. Where in the Phila area do you come from? Just moved to Haddonfield, NJ August 1.

5. What do you do for a living? Or what would you like to be doing? Administrative Assistant for a nonprofit in NJ

6. Do you have any pets? No :-/

7. Tell us about a hobby you have. I love to play volleyball and workout, reading is good too :)

8. Tell us about a hobby or two you'd like to have with more time/money. I would like to workout more, but no money to join a gym. Also like to join a volleyball league.

9. Tell us one thing that you realize you do too much (besides post on LJ). Check my email and away messages.

10. Name a spot you like to hang out in the Phila area. Actually it's the only place I really hang out, and that's in Old City

11. If you are into sports, which and also which teams do you follow? I love volleyball and basketball. Because I'm originally from Michigan I'm a huge Pistons fan and I enjoy following the Lions too. No worries, I pay attention to the Eagles too, but sorry I'll never like the sixers :)
» spoken word
i'm looking for a place to watch spoken word in the philly area. what ideas, if any do you have for me??

sorry about all of the x-posting
» (No Subject)
I currently have one room available in my three bedroom house. The room is currently available, but I can hold it for a month or so with a one month security deposit. So --

A little about myself:

I am 25 yrs old and a grad student at Temple University (Feminist Theory, Politics, Gender Theory). I will be starting my PhD in a year. I work full time at a center city law firm.

A little about the house:

The house is 1500 sq ft, hardwood flooring throughout (just took out the carpet and have to finish the stairs), all new appliances including coin free washer and dryer in the basement, front and back porch, eat in kitchen and lots of space. The house is wired for Directv and comcast cable (wireless router).

The house is 2 blocks from the El (above ground subway) and its a 15 min ride to center city. The area is called Northwood (Between Route 1 and Bustleton Ave, south of Cottman) The area is very safe - middle class working neighborhood with several police officers and fire fighters living in the area.

A little about the room:

10 x 13
hardwood flooring
fresh paint job
new ac unit
small closet, but extra closet space in the side/office room.

There are two cats in residence, but I make sure to keep everything very clean. My girlfriend stays over on occasion, but we spend as much time at her place as we do here.

Rent is $550 + 1/2 Directv and cable internet (half of $125) I am a bit flexible on rent, so talk to me.

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