A Treehouse for The Phila Area 21+ Crowd

People who want to meet people in the phila area

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Maybe you are new to the area... Maybe you are sick of your old friends... Or maybe you want to make some new friends...Maybe you want to meet somebody who shares your interest in (punk, alt, whatever) music and need someone to buddy up with for shows... Maybe you need a friend to bike with in Fairmount Park... Maybe you'd like to start a book of the month club...Maybe you need to meet someone to have coffee with... Maybe you need someone to give you info about local jobs...Maybe you don't actually live right in Philadelphia but can't find a community for your area...

Sound like you?...

If so, please join us!


I have recently decided that I would like to expand my horizons and meet some fun people in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. My hope is that maybe we'll make some lj friends on here that might lead to actually hanging out in the Phila enviorns... I have also found most communities on lj that are like this, also are maintained by those a little younger than myself. No offense, but us older kids need a place to play too. Thus, this is a 21++ community. You must be 21 years or older to join the community.

That corny stuff being said, here are the community rules:
1) Be kind, be respectful.

2) Again, you must be 21++ to join the community

3) This is not a place to harass people or try to pick people up aggressively. This is a community for people seriously trying to branch out and meet new people in the Philadelphia area...

4) If you do find someone you'd be interested in hanging out with in the real world, please don't provide personal info here, for your protection. Get e-mails, etc.. I would suggest meeting a fairly private place if you feel uncomfortable.

5) Have fun